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What You Need To Know About Us

Our Vision—Justice Is Blind

The Cochran Firm Atlanta lives as the legacy of esteemed plaintiff’s personal injury and criminal defense lawyer, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.

We practice a legal philosophy that honors the vision and experience of Johnnie Cochran. His commitment to equal justice for all victims of serious personal injuries, wrongful deaths or catastrophic accidents drives our firm’s performance in the courtroom.

We believe
  • All victims of negligence have a right to vigorous legal representation.
  • All victims of wrongful acts have a right to vigorous legal representation.
  • Responsible parties should be held accountable for your injuries.
  • Giant corporations and municipal powers are not above the law.
  • Your origin, status, and income should not diminish your power in court.
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Our Legendary Personal Injury Experience

The Cochran Firm Atlanta builds its practice on setting right the lives of negligence victims. Johnnie Cochran’s dedication to leadership has earned the firm, on a national level, the respect and admiration of the legal community throughout America:

  • The National Law Journal’s Plaintiff’s Hot List—one of the nation’s 15 most impressive firms
  • The National Law Journal’s 250 List—a survey of the largest American law firms
  • The Daily Journal Top 20 under 40—noted attorneys changing the legal landscape
  • The National Bar Association’s Wiley A. Branton Issues Symposium Award—awarded for leadership in civil and economic justice

Bring your catastrophic injury claim to The Cochran Firm Atlanta. Our dedicated Workers’ Compensation Atlanta Lawyers have the vision, experience, and energy to demand fair compensation for your serious injury:

Have you ever wondered…

What benefits are injured workers entitled to receive? What to do if you have a preexisting injury? What happens after receiving medical care for an injury?

Learn what happens if you wait to
report an injury and more.

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