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If you have applied for worker’s comp in Georgia and your claim was denied, you can appeal. The Cochran Firm Atlanta Workers Comp Attorney can help you take your case before an administrative law judge to get an impartial hearing.

Many people injured on the job are required to appear in court and testify about their claim. With the Cochran Firm behind you and preparing you for this process, a hearing in court is nothing to be concerned about. Our attorneys have tried many workers’ comp cases in Atlanta and across Georgia. We know what to do and we will prepare you for it.

The administrative court does not have a jury. The judge hears testimony from both sides and reviews facts submitted by each side.

The judge makes a finding of fact. The Georgia Workers Compensation Act guides his decisions. Most of the time the judge does not make a ruling about the matters in dispute. Attorneys for each side prepare a written brief that serves as closing argument for the case. Contact us today.

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