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Most on-the-job injuries are routine matters, With proper treatment, employees can recover fully and go back to work. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen. Employees can suffer a catastrophic injury (or illness) that results in a permanent disability or loss of function.

If this happens, the injured employee is entitled to a special class of benefits and ongoing support under Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws.

The Cochran Firm, Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, has dealt with many catastrophic injury worker’s comp claims. We are ready to help you. We will protect your rights and fight to get the financial support you need after such a life-changing event.

What Is A Catastrophic Injury?

Georgia law is pretty specific about what qualifies as catastrophic. The law breaks out six kinds of injuries:

  • Paralysis in an arm or limb from a spinal injury
  • Limb or appendage amputation
  • Severe traumatic brain injury
  • Second or third-degree burns on at least 25 percent of the body
  • Becoming blind because of an injury
  • Other injuries that keep someone from going back to work

Catastrophic is something that will last a long time, possibly the rest of your life. The injury has to keep you from working.

Any employee in Georgia, who has suffered a catastrophic injury on the job, can get workers’ comp benefits as long as he or she can’t work. The usual limits on worker’s comp pay do not apply in this case. The injured person can also get specialized medical care that covered therapy and medical support while recovering from the injury.

This set of special rules means a worker who has received a catastrophic injury has to get a designation of catastrophic status from the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Board. This is a formal decision by the board and means the board may conduct a hearing to review the injury. The employer can attend the hearing. The employer may argue the injury was not catastrophic. The Cochran Firm is skilled at representing those who suffer a catastrophic injury during hearings before the Georgia Workers’ Comp Board. We fight for your rights and the help you deserve.

Sometimes you can reach a settlement with your employer and his workers’ comp attorney. To do this, the employer an attorney concede the injury is catastrophic.

If your employer requests a settlement hearing, you need to have legal representation to make sure your rights are protected. If you go before the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Board, you also need legal advice.

Get The Help You Need

All this may sound confusing. It does confuse many people. A catastrophic injury can make it worse. The injury can affect your emotional state as well as your physical abilities. You do not have to try to understand the law. You don’t have to worry about fighting your company, other attorneys and the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Board. The Cochran Firm has represented people all over Atlanta and Georgia in the fight to protect their rights and get the support they deserve.

We will negotiate in good faith if your employer and his attorney are willing to do the same. We are ready to go before the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Board if necessary. We fight for you.

The Cochran Firm is concerned and dedicated. We put your needs first. We believe in handling every case on its individual merits. We understand the pain and suffering you are going through. We’re here to see that you get everything you need and deserve.

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