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Knee injuries suffered on the job need immediate attention. Falling and twisting can create severe injuries that can leave a person in great pain. Knee injuries severely limit a person’s ability to get around. Prompt treatment is necessary. Delaying medical care could make things worse.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury to your knees, Georgia workers’ compensation should be there to help you recover and take care of you during the recovery period. If you’re not sure if the injury qualifies for workers’ comp or your employer and the insurance company are fighting your claim, the Cochran Firm Georgia Workers Compensation Lawyer is ready to fight for your rights.

The Cochran Firm knows specialists who can examine your knee and recommend a course of treatment. These physicians know how knees can be injured on the job. Contact us for more information.

If you can’t work because of your knee injury, workers’ comp should provide you with a weekly income as long as you are disabled. When the recovery period is complete, the Cochran Firm will get a professional evaluation of your knee to find out if you have any residual disability and the degree of that disability. We will work to get you the help you deserve.

The Cochran Firm has worked with employees who had:

  • Broken tibias
  • Broken fibulas
  • Partial and total knee replacements
  • Tears to the various ligaments in the knee.

The Cochran Firm is Atlanta’s workers’ comp attorney. We handle cases from the Atlanta area and across Georgia. We know how to fight for your rights and get you the help you need and deserve.

If you have an on-the-job injury, you have a right to help from workers’ compensation insurance. If you are not getting that help, call the Georgia Workers Compensation Lawyer from Cochran Firm today.

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