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What Kind of Benefits Do Injured Workers Receive?

You have the right to payments to cover medical expenses and part of your salary if you have an on-the-job injury. Georgia Workers’ Compensation has a no-fault workers’ compensation insurance system. That means it does not matter who was at fault if you get hurt on the job. You are entitled to help.

Every business that has three or more employees is required to have workers’ comp.

In addition to this, you may be able to file a claim against a third party who caused your accident, if that person or company doesn’t work for the same business you do.


Temporary Total Disability.

This is when your doctor says you can’t work or you can only do light duty. If your employer has no light-duty jobs, you can claim total disability benefits. You get two-thirds of your average weekly pay up to $525 per week.

If your claim is not catastrophic, your benefits can last for 400 weeks from the day of your accident.

Temporary Partial Disability

If you can go back to work on light duty and your employer has a job for you, you can collect some money from worker’s comp. The pay is two-thirds of the difference between your average weekly pay prior to the accident v. what you make on light duty. This has a maximum of $360 a week and is limited to 350 weeks.

Permanent Partial Disability

If you lose part of your body, such as a leg, limb or something else, or lose the use of part of your body, being paralyzed, you can receive permanent payments. Your doctor will use the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment to provide a disability rating.


Workers’ comp in Georgia means your employer is responsible for your medical benefits if you are injured on the job. This includes paying for doctor’s visits, getting you to and from the doctor, any surgery, physical therapy and emergency room visits.

Your employer should give you a list of doctors called the Panel of Physicians. Under Georgia law, if your employer has this list, you pick a doctor from the list. This does not cover emergency room care. In an emergency, you go to the nearest ER capable of handling your case. The list of doctors should be six independent facilities, one minority and one orthopedic specialist. If it does not have these, it is invalid.

If you are receiving help and you want a second opinion, Georgia law allows you a one-time Independent Medical Exam using the doctor of your choice. The Cochran firm has a list of doctors who can provide a second opinion.


Georgia workers’ compensation law pays benefits to a spouse and minor children of a worker who is killed on the job. The pay is two-thirds of the weekly wage up to $525 per week. A spouse with no children can get a maximum of $150,000. Minor children can receive benefits until age 18 or age 22 if they are in college. Workers’ Comp pays funeral expenses up to $7,500.


A blow to the head, no matter the cause, that causes your brain to have problems is considered a traumatic brain injury. The Cochran Firm has handled many traumatic brain injury cases ranging from vehicle accidents, falls or being hit by something while on the job.

The Cochran Firm works with several brain care specialists in Georgia. We can make sure you get the help, rehabilitation and the benefits you deserve. Brain injuries are very serious and should be treated that way. Let the Cochran Firm be your guide during the healing process.


Back injuries are the most commonly reported workers’ comp injury. A herniated disk is when a disk in your back is pushed out of its normal position in the spine. This can happen immediately after a fall or over time because of a repeated need to lift things, bend or strain. This kind of back problem can occur just about anywhere on the job. It does not matter if it is a sudden injury or one that develops over time. You are still covered.

A doctor may recommend any of a variety of treatments for back trouble.

If you have an injury and feel it happened on the job, please call the Cochran Firm.

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