What is
Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is a
state-required insurance program.
It is known as workman’s comp and…

Do You Qualify For
Workers’ Compensation?

If you were injured on the job, yes. Injury
also includes illness. Here are the three
main eligibility requirements…

When Should You Return
To Work After An Injury?

You do not have to go back to work
before your doctor releases you from
his care for the injury you suffered…

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We practice a legal philosophy that honors the vision and experience of Johnnie Cochran. His commitment to equal justice for all victims of serious personal injuries, wrongful deaths or catastrophic accidents drives our firm’s performance in the courtroom.

The Cochran Firm Atlanta builds its practice on setting right the lives of negligence victims. Johnnie Cochran’s dedication to leadership has earned the firm, on a national level, the respect and admiration of the legal community throughout America:

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Workers’ Compensation General Overview

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Why Do I Need A Workers’
Attorney? | Atlanta Workers’

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When Does An
Employer Need
To Carry Workers
Comp Insurance? |
Georgia Workers’ Compensation

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