When Should You Return to Work After an Injury?

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When Should You Return to Work After an Injury?

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Workers' Compensation Attorneys Atlanta You do not have to go back to work before your doctor releases you from his care for the injury you suffered. If your employer threatens to fire you if you do not come back to work in a certain amount of time, call a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta. We will protect you from such harassment.

You may be able to go back to work on light or limited duty while you recover from your injury. Your doctor must approve any return-to-work plan, even light duty. Your employer can offer you a light job on State Workers’ Compensation Board form WC-240 Offer of Suitable Light Duty Employment. You have 10 days after getting this form, and your doctor’s approval, to return to work.

You must try to do the job for more than 8 hours but less than 15 days before it’s determined you cannot keep working. If you can’t do the job, your employer has to immediately resume your worker’s compensation benefits. If your employer denies your benefits in this case, The Cochran Firm is ready to fight for your rights.

We have a detailed FAQ about workers’ compensation in Atlanta, Georgia. If you can’t find the answer to your question, call The Cochran Firm at (404) 222-9922 or fill out a contact form on this page. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

As Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Atlanta, we are ready to fight for your rights and for what you deserve. We have the courtroom experience to deal with the biggest insurance companies in the state. We have the experience in negotiating workers’ compensation claims to make sure you get everything you need. If you are not sure if The Cochran Firm can help, please call us. The initial consultation is free.

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