[VIDEO] Does It Matter If the Injury Is My Fault?

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[VIDEO] Does It Matter If the Injury Is My Fault?

Hi, I am attorney André Ramsay; your workers’ compensation attorney.

Does it matter if an injury at work was your fault?

Short answer, not typically.

There are some instances where if you’re actually horsing around or doing willful misconduct that is against the policy of your employer, then your injury may not be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

But in the vast majority of instances, even if the injury was your fault, you still get coverage; It is still a workers’ compensation case; it is still an instance in which you still deserve those medical benefits that you need and you still get those income benefits as well.

Let us help you with that.

​A lot of these things are based on the facts so we need to get all the information in order to tell you specifically if you’re covered. But again, in a vast majority of instances, it does not matter if you caused your own injury.

Georgia is a no fault State when it comes to workers’ compensation.tweet

​This means that negligence on your part is not as big as an issue as you may think it is.

​Give us a call, let us help you. Again, I am André Ramsay, the lawyer for the everyday worker.

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