[VIDEO] Don’ts for Injured Workers: Don’t Try To Do Your Claim By Yourself

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[VIDEO] Don’ts for Injured Workers: Don’t Try To Do Your Claim By Yourself

I would say don’t try to do your claim by yourself. I understand in a perfect world your employer will provide you the benefit, and the medical treatment that you need; and if you miss time from work, they’ll provide you the income benefits.

Most people really don’t want to file claims against their employer. They really just want to hope that the employer “does right by them”. Don’t put yourself in that position.

I cannot tell you how many clients have signed up with me after they attempted to give their employer a way to try to make things right. But keep in mind when you get injured at work,

  • You’re no longer only dealing with you and your employer;
  • You’re not dealing with the people that you’re familiar with;
  • You’re not dealing with your employer/H.R. department or your manager who you’ve worked for for forty years or ten years.

Who you’re really dealing with is the insurance company. They have no idea who you are. To them you’re simply a stack of paper – You’re a claim number – You’re a unit. They are going to treat you as such if you let them treat you as such.

This is very important to understand if you don’t try to do this by yourself. Why? Because this is probably their first or second time ever having someone being hurt at work. Most people never get hurt at work. So they’re never put in that situation. You’re going into this by yourself with no prior experience. Meanwhile the insurance company have had three to four hundred claims on their desk at any given time. Your case, like every other case, is them just simply trying to move the file along, and it gets you subpar treatment. If they get you back to work and then the claim is moved off of their desk. Don’t put yourself in this position – You’re putting yourself at detriment already by trying to do the claim by yourself.

I cannot tell you how many people tried to do it themselves and then they call me and say, “I wish I didn’t do it by myself”. Don’t be like people who call me all the time asking me to fix things. I try my best to fix whatever the situation is and I do my best to put you in a better situation but if you can call a lawyer first, you can get your claim done the right way from the beginning. It will go much smoother and get you to the right doctors.

With an attorney you will get the income benefits versus if you try to do it by yourself.tweet

You may be seen as a detriment, and the employer may consider terminating you for whatever reason and then after you’re trying to file a claim. It just pushes you into a lawsuit – It puts you behind the eight ball and slows down your treatment. It gives the employer/insurance company a reason to deny your claim and not provide you anything so that the only person that suffers is you. Do not try to do this by yourself. You have a friend in the business – I’m your friend. The Cochran Firm here is your friend in the business. We could do what we need to do to try to help you get where you need to be because nobody is looking out for your best interests except you…and your attorney. Contact us.

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