The Basics – Why Hire an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

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The Basics – Why Hire an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

In April 2017, three Atlanta city workers were rescued after becoming trapped in floodwaters from nearby Peachtree Creek, according to WXIA.

The incident happened along Woodward Way and Peachtree Battle Ave. The reporter on the scene saw two vehicles almost totally submerged in flood waters. One of the vehicles, a city work truck, had barricades loaded on it. The truck was headed to the opposite side of the flood area to prevent drivers from trying to travel through the flooded area.

It is not known whether the three city workers sustained injuries prior to, during or after the rescue. If they were injured, they may receive benefits such as income and medical benefits from workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program allowing injured workers to receive benefits to cover injuries. It is a no-fault insurance program. This means that it does not matter who caused the injury. An employee is covered regardless of fault.

However, that does not mean an employer’s insurance carrier will automatically approve the claim. A legitimate workers’ compensation claim may be denied for a variety of reasons such as the:

  • Insurer may believe the claim is fraudulent
  • Employer may not want its premiums to increase because of an additional claim
  • Insurer may refuse to pay because of its own financial interests

Hiring an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney will Provide a Better Chance of Receiving Benefits

There is no guarantee a claim will go through, but having a lawyer will help bolster a worker’s claim. They will also guide a client through the workers’ compensation process. For example, after a worker is injured, they have 30 days to file a Notice of Injury claim with their employer.

After the claim is filed, the worker’s lawyer will help them file a WC-14 Form with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. A worker must also visit a physician approved by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. The lawyer will guide their client in picking the right doctor. If the claim is denied, the lawyer will find a doctor to provide treatment.

An Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer will Present Your Case to an Administrative Law Judge

It is important to note that not every claim is denied. For the ones that are denied, workers’ compensation has a litigation process. A hearing is scheduled within 60 days of an administrative law judge receiving the hearing request.

Understand Your Workers’ Compensation Rights by Contacting The Cochran Firm Atlanta

Hopefully your claim will be approved without being denied first. It is important to remember that you have rights regarding your workplace injury. Contact The Cochran Firm Atlanta about your rights and how to proceed with your claim. You have a right to receive compensation for a workplace injury. We work hard to make sure you receive the needed compensation.

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