[VIDEO] When Should I Contact A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

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[VIDEO] When Should I Contact A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Hi. I’m Attorney Andre’ Ramsay, your workers’ compensation attorney.

When should you actually contact an attorney?

You should contact one immediately.

  • First, always contact your employer to make a formal entry.
  • Second, contact a doctor so you can get treatment.
  • And third, contact us.

Your employer may not want you to actually acquire an attorney. The insurance company certainly would prefer that you do this alone. It is easier for them to take advantage of you by giving you little to no treatment, and providing you with little to no income benefits and simply doing to you what they do with thousands of people who tried to do it alone. Don’t be their next victim. Call your attorney immediately.

Again, I’m Andre’ Ramsay, the lawyer for the everyday worker.

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