[VIDEO] Don’ts for Injured Workers: Don’t Sign Anything

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[VIDEO] Don’ts for Injured Workers: Don’t Sign Anything

I tell everyone, do not sign anything before you speak with an attorney. About the only thing that you may sign is the incident report that we discussed. Make sure it’s an accurate representation of what happened and how it happened. If you don’t agree with it, you don’t have to sign it. They may try to force you to do so, but tell them you want to speak to an attorney before you sign, especially if it’s not accurate.

Don’t sign anything regarding which doctors you’re going to go see.

Don’t sign anything regarding how the accident happened from the insurance company.

Don’t sign anything before you can get the medical treatment you need.

By the time your income benefits are due, you should have already obtained an attorney that can help you and make sure the right paperwork is signed but only after an attorney has had the opportunity to review those documents and make sure they don’t prohibit you from receiving the benefits that you’re due or may negatively impact your claim, and/or your treatment going forward.

You have to be very careful with the things that you sign because you may lock yourself into something that’s not beneficial to you well before you’ve had the chance to really review it or to really appreciate the severity of your injury.

Don’t sign anything without speaking to an attorney.tweet

Especially, do not sign anything if you’re under the influence of any type of prescription pills, or if you’re in an ambulance. Unfortunately it has happened to one of my clients where the employer asked him to sign something when she was being loaded onto an ambulance. Then we get into issues where the paperwork that she signed may not even be valid due to the stress of the situation that you are under. To avoid that whole argument entirely, it is best you don’t sign anything without speaking to an attorney. We need to make sure that what you sign, benefits you and only you. A lot of times what you sign may benefit the employer and you don’t even know it yet because you haven’t appreciated the severity of your injury and neither had your employer. Contact us today!

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