[VIDEO] Do’s for Injured Workers: Report Your Injury Immediately

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[VIDEO] Do’s for Injured Workers: Report Your Injury Immediately

The very first thing an injured worker should do is report your injury to your supervisor immediately. If your supervisor is not available find a team lead. If your team leads aren’t available find a manager. If they’re not available, find an HR representative.

The point is you need to inform someone who is in a position of power with your employer immediately. Not only that you’ve been injured but that you’ve been injured due to your work or work environment.

It’s not enough just to tell them I don’t feel well or I’m having some pain. You have to let them know that this was caused while you were working or while you’re at work. You need to do both of those things. So it needs to be happening while you’re at work and, again, because of work. I cannot stress enough – report your injury immediately.

The law does allow you 30 days to provide notice to your employer of your injury.tweet

The longer you wait the longer it’s going to take them to get you to a doctor for treatment. The real goal here is to inform the insurer and the employer rather quickly of your injury but the bigger goal is to get you to a doctor more quickly so that you can get better. That’s the very first thing I would say you should do. Contact us for more information.

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