[VIDEO] What Does No Fault Liability Mean?

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[VIDEO] What Does No Fault Liability Mean?

Hi. I’m Attorney Andre’ Ramsay, your workers’ compensation attorney. What does no fault liability mean?

Georgia is a no fault state when people get hurt at work.

What that means is we are not considering negligence of third parties; We’re not considering your own negligence that caused your injury; and we’re not considering the employer’s negligence that caused your injury.

It doesn’t matter how your injury occurred (aka, whose fault it is) – It matters that it occurred at work and that it occurred due to you performing your job for your employer. That’s it.
You meet those two prongs, and you turn into an injured worker that needs help, and then that’s what we’re here for.

We provide you the medical benefits and the income benefits that you deserve.tweet

We fight for people like you every day because we’re just like you. We work hard. We get injured. We need the benefits just like you do.

Again, I am Andre’ Ramsay, the lawyer for the everyday worker. Contact us today.

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