[VIDEO] What Happens If You Wait To Report Your Injury?

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[VIDEO] What Happens If You Wait To Report Your Injury?

Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Hi, I’m Attorney Andre’ Ramsay, your workers’ compensation attorney. Now what happens if you wait to report your injury?

By law, Georgia allows you thirty days to provide notice to your employer.

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Not only about the injury but that the injury occurred at or because of work. If you wait after thirty days, you’re essentially leaving yourself in a position in where your claim will be denied by the insurance companies. Don’t give them a reason to do so. Notify your employer, whether it’s your supervisor, your team lead, immediately after the injury. It makes sense.

Get your benefits now. Why wait thirty days to go get treatment? You need to get better, now, not later.

Again, my name is Andre’ Ramsay, and I’m the lawyer for the everyday worker.

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