[VIDEO] When Do You Start Getting Your Income Benefits?

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[VIDEO] When Do You Start Getting Your Income Benefits?

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Hi, I’m Attorney Andre’ Ramsay, your worker’s compensation attorney. Now the question is when do I start getting my income benefits?

Georgia requires that you wait a seven-day waiting period before you start receiving income benefits.

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Now, typically that means on the eighth day you would be due benefits, doesn’t mean necessarily that you will receive them on the eighth day. The insurance company has twenty-one days before they decide whether they’re going to pick your claim up, meaning that they’re going to pay you your income benefits or whether they are going to deny the claim.

So your first check is actually not due until that twenty-one day period is up. Now if you’re out of work for the entire twenty-one days, you get all twenty-one days worth of time that you’ve missed. But if you’re before that twenty-one day period, they only owe you after that eighth day that you’re out of work. I know it’s a lot of dates. It sounds very complex because it is. That’s why you need us to help.

So, give us a call. Let us get you the benefits you need and let’s get them for you for fast, because you need them now.

Again, my name is Andre’ Ramsay and I’m the lawyer for the everyday worker.

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